How Often Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

If you’re a homeowner, having your air conditioning unit break down on you is probably the last thing you want to think about. A new unit might be expensive, but so is constantly needing to make repairs on an old AC system. Since part of having central air is knowing when to replace the main unit, here are a few tips that will help you know when that time has come.


The Age of Your AC Unit

The best way to determine if it’s time to replace your AC unit is to consider its age. Most air conditioning units will last between 10 and 15 years, but they tend to require more repairs and become less efficient once they reach 10 years of age. If your AC unit is at least that old, you might want to consider buying a replacement instead of having it repaired. An old AC unit is far more likely to break down sometime after being repaired than a newer model.


Look to Your Utility Bills

One great reason to have an older AC unit replaced is to save money on your utility bills. Higher heating and cooling bills can be caused by any number of things, but one of those things is usually an inefficient AC unit. This is one case where buying a new air conditioning unit will actually save you money in the long run, especially if you do your homework and select a unit that is the proper size for your home.


Check Your Air Quality

It might be tough to gauge the quality of your home’s air, but an increase of dust in the air and on your furniture is still a good indicator that something is wrong with your HVAC system. It might not be related to your air conditioning unit, but if your home is dustier than usual and you have an older unit, it’s probably time for a replacement.


Cooling Inconsistencies

While turning on your AC won’t instantly cool your home, the temperature should at least be consistent once it stabilizes. If you notice that some rooms are cooler or warmer than the rest of your home, you should at least have your AC unit serviced, if not outright replaced.

As much as you might not want to replace your AC unit, there will come a time when it is the best course of action. If you think you’re due for a replacement or you simply need your own unit serviced, contact Advanced Air today.


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Is It Cheaper to Replace AC in Winter?

An efficient and reliable AC system is essential, especially during summer. If your AC system has been around for a prolonged period, it may have been repaired several times by a professional contractor. If your AC system fails to survive the winter season, should you wait until spring to replace it? Replacing the HVAC Medford system during winter is advisable since it will cost less.

Below are some of the reasons why it is cheaper to replace the AC system during winter:


The Installation Options are Flexible

During the cooling season, HVAC contractors’ services are in high demand, and they will be fully booked. When winter kicks in, the services of such professionals will not be in high demand.

You can easily schedule an HVAC contractor’s services, and they will not take long to install the AC system. The contractor can install the HVAC system at a convenient time, depending on your schedule.


Upfront Cost Savings

Many HVAC firms usually offer discounts during winter for clients who want to install a new AC system. You can save money by taking advantage of these discounts.


Avoiding Inconvenience and Stress

When you install a new AC system during winter, you will not have to worry about the stress and discomfort that comes about when you need emergency replacement services if the old system fails unexpectedly.


Energy Savings During the Entire Season

When you install a new AC system during winter, you can switch it on when the temperatures start to rise during spring; this means you will gain from the energy-saving benefits that accrue from using an efficient air conditioning system during the entire season.


No Rush Decisions

Ensure the AC installation has been well planned instead of opting for emergency replacement services during summer. You should have ample time to shop for a good HVAC system for your household. Check the features of different HVAC systems.

Some of the features you should focus on include smart thermostats and two-stage compressors. Also, consider the lifetime energy savings for each HVAC system.



An AC system ensures you can adjust the temperatures in your household such that you can live comfortably. If you’re replacing your AC system, you should do so during winter since it is cheaper. Some of the reasons it is cheaper to replace the air conditioning system during winter have been listed above.

A professional HVAC Medford contractor should conduct the installation.